At the Starbucks drive through the car in front of us paid for our order.

Jack, Founder of BNBC

In early 2018 on our daily walk to school, Jack mentioned he had a club.  Apparently, it was the Be Nice Club because he wanted his friends to be nice.  This club was just amongst his small tribe of friends and really had no structure whatsoever.

While attending a grown up business event with his parents in April of 2018, Jack was asked the same question his mom and dad had just been asked, "What do you do for work?".  He had no hesitation as he clearly stated "My job is kindness."  This, of course, prompted many more questions, all of which he was prepared to answer. To say Mom and Dad were shocked, yet proud, is an understatement.  Right then and there, the Be Nice Business Club blossomed.

Jack is 12 years old.  He is proud to call himself an uncle to a niece and nephew and wants you all to know he has a retainer.  He started Be Nice Business Club (BNBC for short) because he thought it would be cool to get people to always be nice.  

"I hope that the Be Nice Business Club inspires everyone to be nice and helps those who need an extra hand."